Norman (Maxi​-​Single)

by Flashback Humor

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Had to act in self defense,
The whole town thinks it was an accident
Never been apart,
Together we'll build ourselves a new start
Can't go on as is
Pay people off to keep things hid
She held me close and said,
"Norman, you're not like other kids"

I try to make new friends,
She says, "That's not necessary"
And every time I bring them home
She says, "You know they're dirty"

Don't try to hide it,
She knows everything

When I'm alone it seems
I'm forced to live in my own dreams
Always outside the rest,
But mother says it's for the best
No one for company,
I try to love, she intervenes,
Always shows up to say,
"Why would you need anyone but me?"

Says they've got troubled heads,
But I think they're just lonely
Stay out of my head mother,
I know what I'm doing

Don't try to hide it,
She knows everything

If there's a secret she'll find it,
If there's a body she'll hide it
When danger's coming to end me,
She's always there to protect me
Oh, what would I do without her?
She calls, I answer,
She's my higher power

She knows what's best,
So I'll do anything

It's looking cold out there,
And by the way you're dressed
You look unprepared
Here's your keys, you're in room 8,
Enjoy your stay at Motel Bates


released October 28, 2016

Joey Selvaggio: Guitar, Vocals
Jesamie Houghtby: Bass, Vocals, Tambourine, Artwork
Trevor Philpott: Drums
Anant Maitra: Saxophone
Wes Meadows: Trumpet, Mixing



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